CAD and CAE Services

Ramraj Tech, provides CAD and CAE services for design and manufacturing companies. Our experienced staff is capable of satisfying your needs across various engineering disciplines such as mechanical, sheet metal, tool & die, instrumentation, CAD, CAE, Finite element analysis.

We offer services on several CAD and CAE platforms including Solid Work, Catia, Hypemesh, Ansa, Ansys and Abaqus.

The benefits of our engineering services are:

(1) Lower your operating cost by eliminating your need for extra software, office space, hiring.

(2) Increase revenue by taking on new projects and let us worry about CAD and CAE technologies and expertise needed to perform the job on time and on budget.

(3) Focus on your business instead of troubleshooting complexities of modern CAD and CAE tools.


Our Core Competencies:

CAE / FEA / Analysis

(1) Shell Meshing, Tetra, Hexa Meshing.

(2) Static Analysis

(3) Thermal Analysis

(4) Model Analysis

(5) Harmonic Analysis

(6) Random Vibration Analysis

(7) Transient Vibration Analysis

(8) Coupled Filed Analysis (Thermo-Mechanical)

(9) Non-Liner Analysis

CAD / Design

(1) Product Design

(2) 3D CAD Design

(3) Sheet Metal Design

(4) 2D Drafting

Industries we serve

(1) Power train - Engines and Transmission

(2) Automotive - Passenger Cars, Chassis, Commercial Vehicles, Two Wheelers

(3) Off – Highway - Agricultural Equipment & Tractors

(4) Industrial Components

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